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Higher Degree Research Office

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Australian Institute of Health Innovation

Dr Natalie Ayliff


Health psychology and health services research

Associate Professor Melissa Baysari


Health services research
Medical informatics
Human factors
Evaluations of health information technology
Qualitative research
Medical decision making

Dr Brette Blakely


Dr Blakely has a background in neuroscience and philosophy. her current projects include improving the mechanisms to support surgical innovation and examining conflict of interest in IVF.

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

+61 2 98502401

Changing nature of healthcare systems and culture
Implementation Science
Healthcare Resilience
Leadership and Management
standards and accreditation
Network characteristics
Structure and Culture of organisations
Patient Safety

Dr Kate Churruca


Research Interests
- Complexity science
- Organisational culture in healthcare
- Psychology and health

- Qualitative research methods including interviews, observations, thematic analysis, discourse analysis
- Survey design
- Q methodology

Dr Robyn Clay-Williams


Human factors
Medical devices
Organisational resilience
Teams and teamwork
Health services research
Aircraft and aviation
Quantitative methods
Qualitative methods

Professor Enrico Coiera


Health and Biomedical Informatics

Dr Maria Dahm


Qualitative Research, Consumer Engagement, Applied Linguistics

Dr Adam Dunn


Health Informatics

Dr Louise Ellis

Psychology and health services

Dr Blanca Gallego Luxan


Health Analytics
Clinical Analytics
Clinical Decision Support
Predictive Analytics

A/Prof Andrew Georgiou

+61 2 9850 2424

Health informatics
Pathology informatics
Aged care
Community care
Quality and safety
Organisational communication

David Greenfield

My research is at the intersection of improvement and implementation sciences. I research healthcare complex adaptive systems, health services and the organisation of clinical practice. Within and across these spheres I investigate what impacts on quality improvement and mechanisms to integrate research findings and evidence into healthcare policy and practice. This includes, for example, the formal or informal regulation of the organisation and delivery of care, via accreditation programs or interprofessional collaboration strategies. The purpose of my research is to derive evidence to improve organisational functioning, service delivery mechanisms and patient outcomes.

Dr Anne Hogden

+61 2 9850 2417

healthcare research
patient-centred care
patient decision-making

Dr Mikaela Jorgensen


Health services research
Aged care
Linked data analysis

Dr Mi Ok Kim


My current research interest is to develop automatic system to detect health IT problems associated with adverse consequences in clinical care delivery processes and patient outcomes.

Dr Liliana Laranjo

Health informatics

Dr Annie Lau


Health informatics
Digital health
Consumer eHealth
Patient work
Mobile apps for health
Social media for health
Decision support system
Consumer engagement
Health services research

Dr Ling Li


Statistics, Health informatics

Associate Professor Farah Magrabi


Health informatics
Digital health
Patient safety
Systems safety engineering
Incident reporting
Human computer interface
Evaluation of health information technology

Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell

9850 2321

Psychologist and injury epidemiologist

injury burden; health outcomes; dementia; data linkage; rehabilitation;
paediatric health service use

Dr Oscar Perez Concha


Health Services Research, Health Informatics, Electronic Health Data, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition.

Dr Mirela Prgomet

9850 2489

Health Informatics

Professor Frances Rapport


Qualitative methodology, qualitative methods and clinical trials, chronic illness and patient reported experience, patient-centred professional care provision, Assisted Reproductive Medicine, mixed-methods in medical and health services research

Dr Didi Surian


Machine learning
Data mining
Social media and network analysis
Outlier detection
Computational epidemiology

Dr Amina Tariq


Health services research
Aged care
Medical informatics
Human factors
Evaluations of health information technology
Qualitative research

Dr Guy Tsafnat


I am interested in evidence-based clinical decision support systems. This includes the use of machine learning, natural language processing and computational reasoning to extract, synthesize and disseminate clinical evidence to improve clinical practice and patient safety. My research is transnational in that it seeks to make clinical knowledge to practice.

Professor Johanna Westbrook


Health informatics
Health informatics evaluation
Health services research
Healthcare communication
Interruptions research
Medication safety
eHealth applications
Quality and safety
Aged and community care
Measurement of work patterns and flow
Pathology and imaging informatics
Electronic health records
Evaluation methods
Social network analysis
Electronic decision support systems
Clinical Medicine Department Administration

Dr Yuyi You


Department of Biomedical Sciences

Dr Seray Adams

Neuroscience, tryptophan metabolism, brain cancer, neuro-immunology

Associate Professor Richard Appleyard

Orthopaedic Research
Finite Element Analysis
Mechanical testing
Surgical Skills Training

Professor Julie Atkin


Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Motor Neuron Disease, Cell biology, Biochemistry, Cellular stress responses, the neuronal endoplasmic reticulum

Professor Alberto Avolio


Cardiovascular research
Arterial haemodynamics
Non-invasive measurement of blood pressure
Modelling of arterial structures
Haemodynamics and cerebral aneurysms

Professor Mark Baker


Cancer Membrane Protein Interactomics
Proteases, Receptors and Integrins in Cancer Progression
Plasma Protein/Peptide Disease Biomarkers
The Human Proteome Project (HUPO)

Mr Christopher Bladen

Electrophysiology, Ion Channel Physiology, Pain Therapeutics, Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Drug Design

Professor Ian Blair


Genetics, neurogenetics, neuroscience, motor neuron disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Dr Mark Butlin


Interests in vascular ageing and stiffness and its impact on cardiovascular health.

Professor Roger Chung


My research program focuses upon three thematic approaches to understanding motor neurone disease (MND) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD); i) biochemical and proteomic evaluation of MND/FTD protein aggregates and their impact upon neuronal and glial function, ii) using transgenic zebrafish models to investigate neuron-glia interactions and their response to aggregated MND/FTD proteins, and iii) developing nanoparticle-based technologies for detection of neurodegeneration, and the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents to neurons and glia in the spinal cord and brain.

Dr Nicholas Cole


Motor neuron disease

Professor Mark Connor

+61-2-9850 2719

My lab has a broad interest in drugs useful for treating pain, which are also often misused or abused. Our work focuses on understanding how opioid and cannabinoid drugs work at a cellular level as well as investigating the molecular pharmacology of the receptors involved with the view to identifying new targets for drug action. We use high throughput assays of receptor signaling, electrophysiological recording from neurons and cell lines expressing recombinant receptors and ion channels as well as a range of contemporary biochemical techniques to address questions around the use of misuse of analgesics, phytocannabinoids, illicit synthetic cannabinoids and other drugs.

Dr Russell Diefenbach


Cancer Cell Biology
Circulating tumor DNA

Dr Emily Don


neurodegenerative disease

Associate Professor Ann Goodchild



Professor Gilles Guillemin

+61 2 9850 2727

Professor Gilles Guillemin is internationally recognised as a World leader in the fields of tryptophan, neuroinflammation and neurotoxicity research. Gilles is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Tryptophan Research. He is currently leading a team of 11 researchers and PhD students studying the involvement of tryptophan in MND, MS, cancers. He is also working on the identification of potential environmental factors leading to ALS. Gilles has a large network of national and international collaborations with more than 30 active collaborations. Gilles¿ team is now mostly focusing on identifying and developing new diagnostic and prognostic tools and also therapeutic targets for these diseases.

Dr Ruiwen Heng


Breast cancer
Gene regulation

Dr Cara Hildreth

9812 3598

I am interested in why neural control of heart rate and blood pressure is different in kidney disease and how different treatments may improve neural control of the heart and vasculature.

Dr Honghua Hu

02 98502709

Australian School of Advanced Medicine

Dr Ernest Jordan


Funding, approval and adoption of medical technology
IT risk, governance and management

Dr Albert Lee


proteomics, neuroscience, cell biology, molecular biology, cell stress, post-translational modifications

Dr Chai Lim


Neuroinflammation, Neurodegeneration, Neurochemistry, metabolomics, tryptophan metabolism

Dr Esther Lim


Cancer biology and immunology

Dr David Lovejoy


Metals in biology, drug development, Alzheimer's disease, motor neuron disease

Professor Ralph Martins


Molecular pathology of Alzheimer's disease. Early diagnostic biomarkers and approaches to prevention.

Associate Professor Brendan McMorran



Associate Professor Simon McMullan


I am interested in unraveling the way in which networks of neurons in the brainstem are interconnected, in order to understand how the brain controls the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. These two crucial systems are controlled by populations of neurons that occupy overlapping regions of the brainstem. It is important to understand their function, because dysfunction in the brain is thought to underlie the development of many forms of high blood pressure; we believe that if we can control the behaviour of these neurons that we can prevent the development of cardiovascular disease.

I am interested in hearing from potential Honours or PhD students that would like to work in this exciting research area.

Dr Marco Morsch


- Cell-cell interactions (neuron - glia)
- Animal models (rodent, zebrafish, reptiles)
- Intravital microscopy

Professor Jacqueline Phillips


Our research examines altered control of blood pressure and heart rate in disease conditons. Much of our work focusses on chronic kidney disease. We study the activity of sympathetic nerves, changes in heart rate and blood pressure and how the brain controls these functions. We are also interested in hormonal systems that control blood pressure.
Other studies with our collaborators including studying chronic pain and how innervation patterns on sympathetic and sensory nerves in the skin may be altered

Professor Helen Rizos

+61 2 9845 9059

Cancer Cell Biology
Functional analyses of oncogenes and tumour suppressor proteins
Melanoma cell signaling

Professor Itsu Sen


His current research topics are computational hemodynamics, cerebral blood flow, medical image analysis, neuroradiology, numerical
cardiovascular modeling, medical devices, and artificial organs.

Dr Bingyang Shi

02 9850 2702

Early stage diseases diagnosis

Gene and drug delivery.

Nanoparticles cell uptake and blood brain barrier penetration.

Associate Professor Hamid Sohrabi


Clinical Neurosciences
Clinical Psychology

Dr Qi-Jian Sun


Central respiratory control;
Electrophysiology (extra- and intra- cellular recording and labelling).

Dr Dane Turner Dabirrahmani

+61 2 9850 2754

Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, Orthopaedics, Computer modelling, Mechanical Testing, Image Analysis, Kinematic testing, Joint Biomechanics

Dr David Verrelli


* Hæmodynamic experiments
* Hæmodynamic simulation
* Surgical skills analysis

Associate Professor Karen Vickery

9850 2706

Infection Control
Bacterial Biofilms in the hospital environment, on surgical instruments and on medical implant.
Cystic Fibrosis
Duck Hepatitis B Virus

Dr Adam Walker


Following my PhD at the University of Melbourne and postdoctoral studies at the University of Pennsylvania, I moved to Macquarie University in 2015.

My research focuses on uncovering the molecular mechanisms that drive neurodegeneration in motor neuron disease (MND) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD), with the aim of identifying new therapeutic targets for these devastating diseases. I use a range of molecular biology, biochemistry and microscopy techniques to study neuron cell culture and mouse models of disease as well as human patient tissue.

I am an experienced and enthusiastic mentor and supervisor, and look forward to discussing a range of exciting and innovative projects with potential Masters and PhD students.

Dr Kelly Williams


Department of Clinical Medicine

Professor John Boyages

(02) 98123508

Breast Cancer
Radiation Oncology
Breast Cancer Screening

Professor John Cartmill


Human factors
Medical education

Professor Anand Deva


Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery
Surgical Infection

Professor Stuart Graham


Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Dr Vivek Gupta


Visual Sciences and Ophthalmology, Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Cell Signalling, Proteomics

A/Prof Richard Harvey

Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery

Dr Sarah Hemley

02 9850 2716

Neuroscience/Neurosurgery, spinal cord injury and syringomyelia

Professor Alvin Ing


Respiratory Medicine

Professor Richard Kefford

+61 2 98123968

Medical Oncologist

Professor Hosen Kiat



Professor Rodney Lane

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Arterial and Venous Surgery, Regional Hyper Perfus

Professor John Magnussen

Medical Imaging and Radiology
Interventional Radiology

Professor Matthew Peters

Respiratory Medicine

Professor Dominic Rowe

9812 3720


Professor Marcus Stoodley



Dr Anita Turner



Dr Sarah White


Clinical communication
Conversation analysis
Surgeon-patient communication
Clinical communication education

Professor Tristan Yan


Thoracic surgery
Cardiovascular surgery

Dr Zhenjun Zhao


Cancer biology
Department of Health Professions

Professor Catherine Dean


My research is primarily in neurological rehabilitation and includes
developing and testing of rehabilitation strategies to increase activity and
participation after stroke, translating evidence into practiceand clinical
education. Although the majority of my research has focused on stroke, my
research interests are across the lifespan with projects involving children
with cerebral palsy; prevention of falls in older persons and also other
neurological conditions including Parkinson¿s disease.

Dr Timothy Doyle


Physical Preparation
Strength and Conditioning
Injury Screening
Injury Prevention
Sport Science
Exercise Science

Dr Joel Fuller


My research interests are in the prevention and treatment of sporting injuries, and the use of exercise as medicine in cancer survivors. I have expertise in physiotherapy, biomechanics and exercise physiology.

Professor Mark Hancock


My research is primarily in the field of low back pain and I have a particular interest in approaches to identifying subgroups of patients who respond best to specific interventions. I am also involved in research investigating the causes and mechanisms responsible for low back pain. My research is multidisciplinary including physiotherapists, radiologists, pharmacists, general practitioners and spinal surgeons

Professor Julia Hush


My primary research interest is to understand the multifactorial mechanisms involved in the development of chronic pain, with the aim of advancing the prevention of persisting pain. My particular interest is in spinal pain, and I have published research on prognosis, epidemiology, outcomes, sleep, and pain neuroscience in this field. I am also currently engaged in research into internet-based
self-management programs for people with physical activity limitations.

Dr Kathryn Mills


Musculoskeletal and sports-related conditions of the lower limb, particularly patellofemoral pain and osteaorthritis. Biomechanical and neuromotor analysis during gait (running and walking)

Ms Verity Pacey


Physiotherapy, Paediatrics, Connective Tissue Disorders, Hypermobility

Dr Karen Peebles



Dr Katharine Scrivener


Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation

Dr Angela Laird

+61-2-9850 2730

PhD in Neuroscience
Expertise in studying neurodegenerative diseases such as motor neuron disease and the spinocerebellar ataxias.
She specialises in using animal models of disease, particularly zebrafish and rodent models, to test novel disease treatments.

Dr Audrey Ragagnin


Neurosciences, motor neuron disorders