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Higher Degree Research Office

Faculty of Business & Economics

Business and Economics Administration

Dr Zhiming Cheng


Applied economics; health economics; Chinese economy; Chinese society; China studies; labour economics; industrial relations; management science; happiness; subjective wellbeing; migration studies

Dr Bonny Parkinson


Health Economics, Pharmaceutical policy in Australia, Economic evaluations of healthcare interventions and technologies, analysing linked hospital administrative data, value of information analysis
Dept of Accounting & Corporate Governance

Associate Professor Hope Ashiabor

02 9850 8457

Environmentally related taxes, Tax expenditures in policy implementation, regulatory aspects of carbon finance, energy law, international tax, domestic tax

A/Prof Kevin Baird


Management Accounting

Dr Ranjith Bala Appuhamilage


Accounting and corporate governance

Dr Patricia Blazey

02 9850 7683

Environmental Law
Energy Law
Chinese Commercial Law

Dr Yvette Blount


My research interests are in the area of information systems and the implications for human resource management. I am interested in research that can be applied from a managerial perspective in organisations from an information systems discipline perspective. Another interest is teleworking and the implications for service standards in organisations.
I have an interest in how technology can be best utilised in developing a more comprehensive learning environment for students and continue to research in this area.

Dr Kay-Wah Chan


Japanese legal system and law, Chinese legal system and law, legal professions, legal education, quasi-legal professions, Japanese studies

A/Prof Parmod Chand


My research expertise is in the field of international accounting and culture. My aim is to continue investigating whether professional accountants from various cultural and educational backgrounds are able to interpret and apply accounting standards in a consistent manner and suggest ways to improve the education and decision making process of professional accountants.

Dr Jessica Chen


Accounting and accountability in public and not-for-profit organizations
Organizational culture
Stakeholder management
Financial accounting

Dr Xiaomeng Chen

9850 9285

Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting and Capital Markets

Professor Lorne Cummings


Financial Accounting, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Accounting, Energy Efficiency, Emission Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Associate Professor Johannes Dumay


Intellectual Capital
Non-financial accounting and reporting
Qualitative research methods
Academic writing

A/Prof Elaine Evans


The accounting profession: history, education and professional practice (including corporate governance, international financial reporting standards, professional judgement and professional communication skills)

Dr Verity Greenwood


Business Law; Corporate Governance; Financial Crime and Governance; Health Geography; Resource and Environmental Management

Professor James Guthrie


public sector accounting
auditing, accountability and management,
social and environmental reporting and auditing
management of knowledge and intellectual capital and the measurement of intangibles

Dr James Hazelton


Sustainability accounting, business ethics

Dr Andreas Hellmann


International accounting, behavioral accounting

Dr Chun Lau


Accounting, Finance

Dr Catriona Lavermicocca


Income tax law and tax compliance behaviour

Professor Philomena Leung


Corporate Governance

Dr Meiting Lu

+61 (02) 9850 1928

Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance, Financial institutions

Dr Rajni Mala

612 9850 8530

International Accounting
Financial Accounting

Dr Mauricio Marrone


I am interested in understanding how digital technologies transform businesses and the impact that these customer-focused technologies have. My three main areas of interest in the field of digital transformation are: customer experience, operational process and business models. I am also interested in gamification in business, mobility and IT Service Management.

Professor Nonna Martinov-Bennie


Auditing and Assurance

Dr Peipei Pan


Behavioural accounting
Ethics in accounting
International accounting
Accounting and auditing in China

Professor Chris Patel


Research students with an interest in International Accounting and issues related to cultural influences on various aspects of judgments and ethical issues in accounting are invited to contact Chris.

Dr Michael Quilter


Corporate governance; company law; bankruptcy; bankruptcy history; insolvency

Dr Herbert Schoch


Management Accounting

Dr John Selby


Discipline Expertise: Internet Law, International Commercial Arbitration, Intellectual Property Law Associate Supervisor to Wang Hao's thesis on Privacy Law in China which was awarded in 2010.

Dr Hsiu Sin


Accounting higher education
Developing graduate capabilties and professional generic skills
Professional ethics and professionalism

Dr Sophia Su


Management accounting
Management control systems
Organisational culture
Employee organisational commitment
Organisational life cycle

Dr Sophia Su


Management accounting
Management control systems
Organisational culture
Employee organisational commitment
Organisational life cycle

Dr Amy Tung


Management Accounting

Dr Dale Tweedie


Business ethics; corporate social responsibility; social and environmental accounting / accountability; workplace governance organisation; critical accounting / management studies.

Dr Savanid Vatanasakdakul


Area of academic research and supervision includes Information Systems, Accounting Information Systems, Cross-cultural management, Accounting Education, Information Systems audit and assurance.
Dept of Applied Finance

Dr Farida Akhtar

+61 02 98501869

Corporate Finance,
Corporate governance, Behavioural Finance and Asset Pricing

Dr Lorenzo Casavecchia


Financial markets and institutions; Corporate Finance; Financial Economics; Econometrics of Financial Markets

Dr James Cummings


Financial markets and institutions

Dr Lurion De Mello


Energy Economics (Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals), Behavioural Finance, Experimental Finance and Accounting, Financial Economics and Investments. Analysis of data using cointegration, Copulas and Wavelets and their application in Energy Economics and Finance. Experienced in using Tobi II eye-tracker for behavioural studies.

Dr Jiwook Jang


Jump diffusion processes and their applications to finance and insurance, Piecewise deterministic Markov processes theory

Dr Timothy Kyng


applied finance and actuarial studies

A/Prof Jackie Li


Actuarial science

Professor Martina Linnenluecke


Climate change
Corporate Sustainability
Environmental Finance

Dr Shane Magee


Financial risk management for both non-financial companies and financial institutions

Risk governance of financial institutions

Corporate governance

Dr Ryle Perera

9850 8578

Mathematical Finance

Professor David Pitt

+61-2-9850 8455

Actuarial studies

Dr Mehdi Sadeghi


Generally, my research strength is in the area of capital market. Specifically in recent years, my research has been focused has been focused on emerging markets finance.

Associate Professor Elizabeth Sheedy


Cross-disciplinary research in financial risk management (bringing in psychology and ethics). My current research interest is risk culture, ethical culture and how this relates to behaviour in financial institutions. I use survey methods and experimental methods as well as traditional empirical approaches.

Professor Tak Siu


Actuarial Studies/Mathematical Finance, Actuarial Science, Risk Management

Professor Gary Tian


Finance/corporate finance

Professor Leonie Tickle

9850 8567

Modelling, analysis and forecasting of mortality both for the general population and for insured lives

Professor Stefan Trueck


Risk Management, Financial Economics, Asset Pricing, Energy Markets, Carbon Trading, Real Estate Economics, Econometrics of Financial Markets

Dr Fan Yu


Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation, Cash Policy etc.

A/Prof Xian Zhou


Actuarial Studies/Statistics, Survival Analysis, Operations Research

Professor Piet de Jong


Actuarial Science, Risk Management, Actuarial Statistics
Dept of Economics

Dr Khamyeane Chareunsy


Socio-economic and political issues in developing economies, particularly Southeast Asia

Social learning and interaction, knowledge diffusion networks and human capital theory

Theoretical and applied aspects of development economics, game theory and behavioural economics

Applied Microeconomics

Professor Lance Fisher



Dr Christopher Heaton


My current research interests are in the broad fields of time series econometrics and financial econometrics, and include the modeling of high-dimensional time series, models of high-frequency financial data, causality testing and forecasting. I also have applied interests in labour economics and the economics of education, although my contributions in these fields is largely in the form of econometric modelling.

I am interested in receiving research proposals from prospective students in any area related to my own interests. I am also available to jointly supervise students in other areas whose proposed projects involve a significant econometric component.

A/Prof Roselyne Joyeux


time series, econometrics, energy economics

Professor Geoffrey Kingston



Dr Craig MacMillan


Labour Economics, Behavioural Economics and Moral Philosophy

Dr Jordi McKenzie



Associate Professor George Milunovich



Associate Professor Pundarikaksha Mukhopadhaya


Development Economics, Public Sector Economics

Dr Daehoon Nahm


Productivity and Efficiency

Professor Jeffrey Sheen



Dr Shuping Shi



Professor Charles Throsby


Culture in economic development,
economic situation of individual artists,
economics of the performing arts,
creative industries, economics of heritage, relationship between cultural and economic policy

Associate Professor Sean Turnell


History of Australian Economic Thought
Burma and its Economy

Dr Zhe Wang


Dept of Management

Associate Professor Lawrence Ang


Advertising, Marketing research, consumer behaviour

Dr Nikola Balnave

9850 7278

Employment Relations
Business and Labour History

Dr Alison Barnes

9850 1148

Employment realtions

Associate Professor Christoph Baumann


My research interests are customer loyalty & brand management; ethnicity, culture, ideology and consumer and employee behaviour; employer branding; and, in the field of pedagogy, factors contributing to students¿ academic performance.

Dr Jana Bowden-Everson

+61 2 98501813


Dr Yvonne Breyer

02 9850 4412

Applied Linguistics; Technology in Education;

Dr Gordon Brooks


organisational behaviour, organizational behavior, commitment, organisation-based self-esteem

Dr June Buchanan



Dr Leanne Carter


Internal Market Orientation
Social Marketing
Work Integrated Learning and Transition to Work

Dr Meena Chavan


International Business
Cross Cultural Management
Entrepreneurship/Small Business
Sustainability In Business

Associate Professor Ross Gordon


Social Marketing
Consumer Culture
Critical Marketing

Dr David Gray



Consumer decision-making and customer brand switching behaviour
Relationship marketing and Strategic Alliances
Business-to-Business Marketing
Marketing and Corporate Strategy
Internal Marketing
Interpersonal skills (emotional intelligence, influence strategies)
Energy Efficiency Marketing and Social Marketing

Professor Fei Guo


Skilled labour migration, student migration, demographic analysis, and contemporary Chinese society.

Dr Yimin Huang


Luxury marketing and brand engagement by consumers in cross-cultural environment
Dynamics of trust and distrust in business relationships
Understanding and managing dynamics of business relationships and networks
Developing and applying interpretive research methodologies for process research
Cross-cultural studies

Dr Robert Jack


Firm internationalisation
Foreign market entry mode choice
International services
International marketing
Case studies
Qualitative research

Dr Denise Jepsen


Organisational psychology; organisational justice, citizenship behaviour, leader-member exchange, employee attitudes... Careers and careers theory... Student aspirations for further study... Allied health workers

Dr Senia Kalfa


Employee voice; health-care management; long-term illness in the workplace.

Professor Scott Koslow


Marketing, Advertising, Creativity

Dr Ying Lu


International management
Human resource management in emerging markets
Integration of immigrant professionals in workplace
Occupational health and safety (OHS) in mining industry

Dr Erik Lundmark


Organisational behaviour
Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation
Labour mobility and the diffusion of ideas and practices
Organisational and societal implications of IT use

Dr Salahudin Muhidin

Applied and Business Demography.
My research area is in demographic analysis; particularly on contemporary population issues such as population ageing, health and mortality; internal migration and urbanisation; skilled labour migration; and Southeast Asian and West African regional population development.

Professor Nicholas Parr


Demography/ Demographics. My main areas of research are fertility, family benefits, family planning, migrant families and social mobility, labour force demography, business and applied demography

Dr Monica Ren


Firm internationalisation,
Guanxi studies,
Network internationalisation,
International marketing,
Qualitative research.



Marketing and management

Professor Lucy Taksa


"organisational and management studies", "Diversity Management", "gender studies", "historical studies in industrial relations and management"

Dr LayPeng Tan


Retail Assortment
Store Brand / Private Label
Organic Food Retailing
Green Marketing

Dr Murray Taylor


International Business with expertise in internationalisation, entry modes, service firms, rapidly internationalising firms (INVs and born globals) and market choices.

Dr Louise Thornthwaite


Human Resource Management
Industrial Relations
Employment Law

A/Prof Yue Wang


international business, strategy, East Asian business systems, Chinese business and management

Associate Professor Cynthia Webster


business and consumer networks, social marketing, branding and hedonic consumption

Associate Professor Hume Winzar


Marketing Research
Statistical Data Analysis
Conjoint Analysis

Professor Leigh Wood


My research area is in learning and teaching in higher education and, recently has focussed on transition to the workplace. I work with international teams to investigate cross cultural student learning. My latest work involves interviews with graduates and their reflections on their studies. Topics include: Transition to the workplace (graduate attributes, generic skills etc) Discipline-specific academic language development for non-English speaking background students Mapping course components Professional development for university lecturers

A/Prof Edward Wray-Bliss

*61 2 98506479

Ethical issues around work, leadership and organisation; Business Ethics; Critical Management Studies; Drug testing at work; Qualitative and visual research methods; Leadership ethics; Research ethics; Philosophy, religion and organisation studies.

Dr Jun Yao


Consumer psychology and behaviour, particularly in experimentally observing consumer perceptions and predicting consumer decisions that relate to various pricing tactics, such as unit pricing, price setting, and price-quantity sensitivity in the retail context. Consumer financial decisions that relate to loan use and debt management during the purchase of durable goods
Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Professor Gayle Avery


Sustainable leadership, encompasses many facets of strategic leadership and sustainability.

Professor Richard Badham

Managing Change and Innovation
Organizational Politics
Sociological Theory
Dramaturgy and Irony in Organizations

Dr Kyle Bruce


Organisational Behaviour

Professor John Croucher


Statistics, Quantitative methond

Professor David Gallagher

02 9850 9975

Investment Management
Institutional Investors
Capital Markets
Institutional Trading
Market Efficiency

Dr Lars Groeger



Associate Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal


Corporate Social Responsibility
Organisational Behaviour of Unpaid Employees (volunteering)
Ethnographic studies

A/Prof Carmel Herington

+61 (0)2 98508989

Marketing relationships
Services Marketing
Relationship Marketing
Internal Marketing

Dr Andrew Heys



Dr Matthew Keblis

Operations/Supply Chain Management

Robin Kramar

Human resource management

Professor Andrew Lepone



Professor John Mathews

+61 2 9850 6082

Strategic Management & Innovation

Dr Vito Mollica


Market Microstructure

Elizabeth More

Key areas of research focus are organisation studies (communication, culture, change, leadership, and knowledge management); management and leadership in the performing arts

Dr Lara Moroko

People Strategy - customer and employee based strategy and decision making

Business Models - optomising business models for sustainable creation of value

Entrepreneurship and innovation - using design thinking to create customer centred innovation

Teaching and Learning - delivering value in post-graduate business education to students, employers and business communities

Dr Paul Nesbit


Managerial development

Dr Joan Rhodes



Associate Professor Steven Segal


Hermeneutic phenomenology in the context of practices such as management

Professor Robert Spillane


Key areas of research interests are History of Western Ideas, Philosophies of Management, Psychology and its Misapplication to Management, Australian Managerial Values, Leadership and Management, ADHD and other Mental Disorders,

Associate Professor Yiming Tang


-Challenges and best practices in doing business in/with China -International market entry strategies -Marketing strategy and business outcomes -Green Marketing in Australia

Associate Professor Jin Boon Wong

Market Microstructure
Accounting Regulations