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Higher Degree Research Office

Faculty of Arts

Arts Administration

Dr Trudy Ambler



teachers' learning, autobiographical inquiry, self-study, reflective practice, learning spaces, early childhood, practitioner enquiry, professional learning

Dr Michaela Baker


Philosophy - Existentialism and phenomenology, Jean-Paul Sartre, Philosophy and literature
Literary theory - Ecocriticism, post-colonialism
Learning through participation - ethical practice, research ethics, social inclusion, reflective practice
Depart of International Studies: Languages and Cultures

Dr Anne-Benedicte Andre


Francophone Literatures
Island Literary Studies
Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
Postcolonial Studies

Dr Mio Bryce


Youth cultures; historical, socio-cultural and psychological issues depicted in Japanese novels and manga/anime; modern and classical Japanese literature; and intercultural issues in translations.

Dr Kevin Carrico


Anthropology, political anthropology

Dr Shirley Chan

+61 2 9850 7021

early Chinese thought, Chinese philosophy, Confucianism, classical Chinese texts, Chinese intellectual history

Associate Professor Ulrike Garde


- German Studies as Cultural Studies - Creating cultural identities in literature, the performing arts and critical reviews - Memory and creating cultural identity - Australian-German intercultural relationships - The reception of Brecht's work in Australia; drama by German-speaking playwrights in Australia

Dr Jane Hanley


Travel writing, transnational cultural production, and gender in the Spanish-speaking world.

Dr Jane Hanley


Travel writing, transnational cultural production, and gender in the Spanish-speaking world.

Dr Marika Kalyuga

+ 612 9850 7016

Russian linguistics; cognitive linguistics; cross-cultural communication; Russian literature and culture

Dr Elizabeth Kefallinos


Intercultural and interdisciplinary research on social, historical and cultural areas on Greek topics.

Dr Maryam Khalid


International relations and security studies
Popular culture in global politics
International law and global governance
US foreign policy
Postcolonial studies

Dr Alexandra Kurmann


Francophone literature: writers of Vietnamese origin, Asian writers in French, comparative literature

Dr Sung-Ae Lee

Asian Studies
Popular Culture
Asian Cinema
Korean Literature
Diaspora Studies
Trauma Studies

Dr Lai Ping Florence Ma


Teaching English as Second Language (TESOL), academic writing, Non-native English Speaking Teachers' (NNESTs') studies, Use of L1

Professor Martina Mollering


Second Language Acquisition, Language Teaching Methodology, Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Learning, Computer-Mediated Communication, Language Policy, German Studies

Dr Boris Skvorc


Literary and Cultural Theory
History of Slavic literatures

Associate Professor Karin Speedy


Creole Languages - Tayo, Reunion Creole, Louisiana Creole
French Colonial History
New Caledonian history and literature
Postcolonial literature
La francophonie
Literary translation

Dr Brangwen Stone


- Postwar and contemporary Austrian, German and Swiss literature, theatre and film.
- GDR literature and film.
- Eastern Europe in German-language literature and film.
- German language teaching and learning.

Dr Chavalin Svetanant

9850 7044

Japanese/Thai linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Cross-cultural Communication, Sociology of Mass Media and Pop Culture, with particular interests on language, thought, and social behaviors in comparative cultural and historical context

Dr Kimiko Tsukada


Experimental phonetics
Cross-language speech perception/production
Acquisition of Japanese as a second/foreign language

Associate Professor Estela Valverde


Human rights, social inclusion, gender issues, civic society, Latin American literature/history/politics.

Dr Hui Ling Xu


Chinese language, Chinese linguistics, Second language acquisition, Chinese culture

Dr Lan Zhang

Chinese literature and culture
Translation studies
Dept of Ancient History

Associate Professor Javier Alvarez-Mon

Near Eastern Archaeology and Art
(Ancient Middle East Archaeology and Art)
/Elamite and early Persian archaeology and art

Dr Jillian Beness


Roman Republican History
History of Women and Gender in the Graeco-Roman World

Dr Susanne Binder

9850 6881

Ancient Egypt: New Kingdom society, prosopography, archaeology

Associate Professor Malcolm Choat


Graeco-Roman Egypt
Christianity in Egypt

Dr Caillan Davenport


Roman history from the Republic to Late Antiquity, especially emperors, senators, equestrians, politics, letters, epigraphy, numismatics, and historiography

Dr Gillan Davis


Ancient history

Dr Danijel Dzino


- History and archaeology of ancient and early medieval Illyricum (modern countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Slovenia, and the surrounding regions).
- General issues related to construction of identity in pre-industrial societies.

Dr Peter Edwell


Able to supervise topics on the Roman Near East, Rome in Late Antiquity and the Roman Empire in World History.

Dr Linda Evans


Environmental history; the role and artistic representation of animals in the ancient Mediterranean region; the human-animal relationship in the ancient world; Egyptian art.

Associate Professor Trevor Evans


Classics, Ancient Languages (Greek, Latin, Hebrew), Papyrology, Septuagint Studies

A/Prof Andrew Gillett


Late Antiquity
Late Roman empire
early medieval Europe

Professor Naguib Kanawati


Ancient History

Associate Professor Peter Keegan


Epigraphy, graffiti; Italian archaeology, Vesuvian cities; Roman republican and imperial history; Roman historiography; Women, gender and body history in the ancient Mediterranean

Dr Kyle Keimer


Archaeology, Ancient Israel, Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Ancient Warfare, Historical Geography of the Near East

Professor Raymond Laurence


Roman History with expertise in the study of Pompeii, Cities and Roads, Communications, Families and Childhood Histories, Roman Ageism and Quantitive Approaches to Epigraphy

Emeritus Prof Samuel Lieu


Late Roman and Byzantine History, History of the Silk Road, Manichaeism

Dr Meaghan McEvoy


Byzantine Studies
Late Antiquity
Political history of the late antique and Byzantine world
Urban history
Ecclesiastical patronage in the late ancient world

A/Prof Paul McKechnie


Early Christianity, Greek and Roman History

Dr Gunner Mikkelsen


Silk Road studies; religions in China and Central Asia; history and archaeology of early and medieval China; Manichaeism

Professor Bronwen Neil


Dreams in the ancient world; Byzantine studies; Greek and Latin literature, esp. hagiography,sermons and letters; patristics; Late Antiquity

Professor Alanna Nobbs


Greek/Roman/ Late Antique /Byzantine historiography, Christian papyri/papyrology,Late Antique/ early Byzantine History

Dr Brent Nongbri


Method and theory in the study of religion, early Christianity, papyrology

Associate Professor Boyo Ockinga


Ancient Egyptian philology, religion and history; Egypt and the Old Testament

Dr Kenneth Parry


Byzantine Studies (including Art and Architecture), Patristics, Eastern Christianity, Christianity in Asia

Associate Professor Stuart Piggin


History of Christian thought, experience, and spirituality, especially the modern religious history of Australia, Britain and America

Dr Ian Plant


Greek history and historiography, especially the study of Thucydides. Also women writers from Ancient Greece and Rome, Ancient Greek, Latin, Mythology, Greek Heroes and Heroines.

Dr Louise Pryke

Ancient Near Eastern History, Ancient Near Eastern literature

A/Prof Kenneth Sheedy

9850 9265

Numismatics, Classical Archaeology, Greek Art and Archaeology

Associate Professor Yann Tristant


Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt, Egyptian Archaeology

Dr Alexandra Woods


Egyptology, Egyptian archaeology, art history, Old Kingdom history
Dept of Anthropology

Dr Aaron Denham


Sociocultural, medical, and psychological anthropology

Professor Gregory Downey


Anthropology of sport, dance, martial arts, and physical education; psychological anthropology, neuroanthropology; phenomenology; skill acquisition; ethnography; Brazil, US, New Zealand; capoeira, rugby

Dr Kevin Groark


Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, Social Theory, Psychodynamics, Dreams, Emotion Culture, Subjectivity, Highland Maya, Latin America

Associate Professor Christopher Houston



A/Prof Chris Lyttleton


medical anthropology; development studies, Sexuality and subjectivity; health and development; social impact of HIV/AIDS in SE Asia; migration and health vulnerability; ethnic minorities in the upper Mekong; drug reduction programs.

Dr Gabriele Marranci


I am an anthropologist by training, I also hold an honorary Associate Professorship at Cardiff University's Centre for the Study of Islam.¿During my career I have explored topics concerning Muslims and Islam, such as arts, music, gender, ethnicity, education, political Islam and social issues as well  as specific concepts like jihad, the ummah and the idea of justice.  ¿In recent years, I have expanded my research interests to include youth culture and cognitive neuroscience. I am the director of the Contemporary Muslim Lives Research Hub at the Dept. of Anthropology.

A/Prof Kalpana Ram


For the region of India:
Nationalism, gender relations, Social Movements, NGOs, Dance, Healing traditions, Midwifery/Birth/Maternity.
Theoretical expertise: Feminist Theory, Postcolonial Theory, Phenomenology.

Dr Jakob Timmer



Dr Deborah Van Heekeren


Anthropology/Papua New Guinea, Christianity, existential and phenomenological anthropology

Dr Eve Vincent


Anthropology, Aboriginal Australia, Indigenous Australia, race, the politics of recognition, Aboriginal expressive practices (especially literary), settler colonialism, Australian progressive social movements

Associate Professor Lisa Wynn


anthropology, Middle East, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, gender, medical anthropology, reproductive health, medical technologies, research ethics
Dept of English

Emeritus Prof Anthony Cousins


Early modern literature and culture. rhetorical theory and practice. the history of ideas and the historiography of the history of ideas. formalist/new formalist literary theory.

Dr Toby Davidson


English Literature
Australian Poetry
Australian Fiction and Film
Literature and Religion

Dr Victoria Flanagan


Gender representations in children's literature and film (focusing on queer theory and transgender theory), technology and its representation in children's literature

Associate Professor Marcelle Freiman


My Creative Writing research interest is in the practice and scholarship of creative writing and is open to approaches of practice-led research and research-based practice. My current research project is on cognitive and cultural contexts for creative writing. My research is integrated with research in postcolonial and transnational literatures, in particular with poetry and poetic writing practices.

Dr Rebecca Giggs


Creative pedagogy and practice, environmental humanities, eco-criticism, nature and science writing, landscape studies, writing about animals, the uncanny, ficto-criticism, creative nonfiction, literary nonfiction, essays and Australian literature.

Professor Antonina Harbus


English literature; cognitive approaches to literary study; poetry and poetic language; the novel; metaphor; literary rhetoric; theories of genre, narrative, and reading; medieval and early modern English language and literature

Associate Professor Jane Messer


Creative Writing and non-traditional thesis supervision.
Creative Writing practice and pedagogy
Genres including novel, short form writing, creative nonfiction including memoir.
Maternal theory and Feminism
Indigenous writing and literature, Australian literature
Maternal Work, citizenship
Neoliberalism and work cultures
Interdisciplinary research approaches including sociology, philosophy, ethnography and creative practice research

Dr Alys Moody

Twentieth and twenty-first century literature, especially modernism and its afterlives; aesthetics; American literature; postcolonial and global Anglophone literatures; transnational, global and comparative approaches to literature and culture; the history of theory and the disciplinary history of English; literature and the visual arts.

Dr Lee O'Brien

9850 8787

Victorian Literature and Culture

Associate Professor Paul Sheehan


Modernist / postmodernist fiction, non-fiction and drama; literary and cultural theory; film studies; Samuel Beckett; J. M. Coetzee.

Professor John Simons


English,literature, history of animals

Associate Professor Hsu-Ming Teo


Cultural history; British imperial culture, especially mid-19th to mid-20th century; Orientalism; history of travel and tourism; fiction and history; popular romance studies.

Dr Ryan Twomey

(02) 9850 8743

English Literary Juvenilia, Historiography, The Brontës, George Eliot, Victorian Literature, Hiberno-English Literature.
Dept of Geography and Planning

Professor Robyn Dowling


Urban travel and transport beyond the car
Governing climate change
Urban energy transitions

Dr Sara Fuller


Human geography

Dr Donna Houston

9850 8322

Cultural geography, environmental justice, urban studies

Professor Richard Howitt

x 8386

Social justice, ecological sustainability, economic equity and cultural diversity in the context of indigenous self-determination, recognition of native title and indigenous rights, the social impacts of resource-based development projects, corporate culture in Australia's resource industries, and issues of power, research ethics and geographical scale, social impact assessment, natural resource management, geographical education.

Associate Professor Catherine Lloyd


Transitional economies within the Asia-Pacific Region, crossings and connections within Australia's Northern Borderlands and tourism as development.

Associate Professor Andrew McGregor


Political ecology
Environmental politics
Environmental philosophy
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+)
Southeast Asian development
Timor-Leste, Myanmar, Indonesia
Religion and development
Vegan geographies

Dr Fiona Miller


Political ecology
Social vulnerability and resilience
Social equity dimensions of adaptation
Social vulnerability to extreme heat
Social and cultural dimensions of water planning
Social impact assessment, vulnerability assessment
Social impacts of large dams and water resource developments
Forced resettlement
Asia Pacific Development
Mekong Region

Dr Emily-Aud O'Gorman


Environmental History
Environmental Humanities
Murray-Darling Basin

Dr Kristian Ruming

9850 8314

Human Geography, Urban Planning and Housing Studies

Dr Sandie Suchet-Pearson


Human Geography
Postcolonial geographies
Indigenous knowledges and rights
Environmental management and sustainability
Cultural tourism

Dr Gregory Walkerden


Environmental Management
Ecosystem Management
Water Cycle Management
Catchment Management
Biodiversity conservation at a landscape scale
Reflective Practice
Practice Research
Dept of Media, Music & Cultural Studies

Dr Andrew Alter


Ethnomusicology, South Asian Music Traditions, Southeast Asian Music Traditions, Contemporary Cross-Cultural Music Making, Music Theory, Ritual and Music, World Music Discourses

Professor Nicole Anderson


Critical and Cultural Studies:
Derrida Studies and deconstruction, cultural theory, visual culture (including film and art theory and criticism), social media, ethics, animal studies, gender studies, biopolitics, biocultures, and posthumanism, postmodernism, and continental philosophy.

Mr Iqbal Barkat


Screen Production; Community Film Production & Participatory Video; Hybrid Arts Practice

Dr Margaret Borschke

(02) 9850 2159

media studies, media history, social media, sound culture, format theory, media use, copies, consumption, distribution, underground media, piracy, aesthetics, journalism, digital culture, ethnography, network aesthetics, new materialism, analog media, circulation

Professor Narendranath Chitty


Over thirty successful supervisions with PhDs awarded in areas including Chinese Media, Health Communication, International Public Relations, Public Diplomacy, Media and Terrorism, Alternative Media. Current research area: Critical inquiries into Soft Power, Nation Branding and National Image.

Dr Stephen Collins


Media, Law

Dr Ian Collinson



Dr Denis Crowdy

+61-2-9850-2193 faculty_of_arts/ department_of_media_music_communication_and_cultural_studies/ staff/academic_staff/dr_denis_crowdy/

Ethnomusicology focusing on Melanesian contemporary music, music technology and music production.

Dr Maree Delofski


Media - documentary history, theory, practice, creative media arts practice, practice-led research

A/Prof Peter Doyle


Popular music history, sound studies, creative writing (fiction and non-fiction), vernacular photography.

Dr Lauren Gorfinkel


International Communication, Media Studies

Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley

9850 8828

I specialise in twentieth century Australian history, and the history of the mass media (especially radio), and 20th century Australian history and biography

Dr Qin Guo


Successfully supervised 9 PhD completions since jointed Macquarie University in 2004. Research areas cover: Strategic Communication, Informationa Technology and Social Change, Health Communication and Education, International Public Relations and International Education

Dr Anja Hongisto


media studies, film studies, cultural theory

Associate Professor Diane Hughes


Discipline expertise: Contemporary Popular Singing, Contemporary Popular Singing Pedagogy, Singing in Music Education, Assessment in Vocal Studies.

Dr Sarah Keith

9850 2179

Music production and technology, computer music, contemporary and popular music

Dr Susie Khamis


Media & Communications

Professor Julian Knowles


music and new technologies, music production, new musical interfaces, intermedia, experimental music, art and popular music, independent music, new performance practices, sound art, post-digital music, audio engineering, practice-led research

Dr Sabine Krajewski


Research set in a comparative framework; focus on themes around the body, cultural exchange, intercultural communication, intercultural competence.

Dr Anthony Lambert


Australian film and culture; representations of gender and sexuality; identity and space; visual culture; critical methodologies

Dr Julie-Anne Long


Dance and Performance
Research interests include:
¿ identity and the performing female body
¿ art and the everyday
¿ collaborative art practices
¿ participatory performance practices
¿ the experience of place and the animation of space
¿ site-specificity and performance
¿ the potential of dance to engage in/lead interdisciplinary collaborations
¿ writing for performance
¿ embodied learning

Professor Catharine Lumby

Media Studies; Gender Studies

Dr Virginia Madsen


Media, Music & Cultural Studies: radio practice/history/culture; auditory culture, public broadcasting, audio and new media, sound arts, documentary, international radio forms, media and writing

Dr Mary Mainsbridge


Gestural interaction, embodiment, musical performance, electro-acoustic composition

Professor Nick Mansfield


The work of Jacques Derrida, cultural theory especially theories of subjectivity, war and cultural theory.

Dr Nicole Matthews

02 9850 2152

Media and Cultural Studies

Dr Willa McDonald


Media, Journalism and Creative Writing

Professor Kathryn Millard


Media and Creative Arts

Dr Guy Morrow


Music Business, Arts Management, Drumming.

Dr James Murray

02 9850 2182

Media History
Screen Production

Dr Karen Pearlman


screen production, screen studies, dance, performance, editing, dramaturgy, creative practice, cognitive studies of the moving image,

Professor John Potts


Media studies, media history, celebrity studies, intellectual history, art history, digital technology, network culture, culture and technology, media arts

Professor Joseph Pugliese


cultural studies: race, ethnicity and whiteness, colonialism, law and humanities, bodies and technologies

Dr Maya Ranganathan


Media and identities, online nationalism, Sri Lankan Tamil nationalism, Indian media, media in South Asia

Dr Adrian Renzo


Popular music studies, critical musicology, electronic dance music, remixing, mash-ups, 'Top 40' music.

Dr Katharine Rossmanith


Performance studies, rehearsal and performance preparation processes, embodiment, ethnography, theories of place and subjectivity, fieldwork methodologies, and non-fiction writing.

Dr Jane Simon


Photographic cultures/practices/histories; visual culture, feminist cultural theory, critical historiography; everyday life studies and narrative.

Dr Catherine Simpson


Australian Turkish cinema; identity, space, nationhood gender on screen; screen automobile cultures; film festivals; transnational, diasporic small national cinemas; Australian female filmmakers.

Dr Yuji Sone


Theatre and Performance studies

Professor Sherman Young


Media Studies
Dept of Modern History, Politics and International Relations

Associate Professor Michelle Arrow


history of popular culture in Australia, history and the media, especially history on television, Australian theatre history.

Dr Matthew Bailey


Retail and consumer history
Business history
Shopping centre development and the social usage of retail environments
Australian and Sydney urban history
Histories of post WWII popular culture
Histories of suburbia

Dr Nicholas Baker


Early modern European social and cultural history.
Renaissance Italy, political culture, gender roles and identities, the use of visual sources for historical research.

Associate Professor Noah Bassil


Politics and International Relations/International Political Economy, Colonialism, Middle East and African politics

Dr Jumana Bayeh

+61 2 9850 8854

Middle East history and politics
Middle East migration
Postcolonial studies
Diaspora Studies
Literary studies

Dr Leigh Boucher


Modern History

Professor Sean Brawley

History with expertise on the study of race, war, sport and migration in the Asia-Pacific in the 20th century in transnational focus.

Professor David Christian


World History, History of Russia and Inner Eurasia, "Big History"

Dr Lloyd Cox


Politics and International Relations:
Nationalism, Australian Politics, American Politics and Foreign Policy, Globalization

Associate Professor Tanya Evans


The social and cultural history of motherhood, marriage, the family, sexuality, gender and poverty in Britain and Australia from the eighteenth century to the present. The history of philanthropy and voluntary organisations.

Associate Professor Kate Fullagar


British history, early Pacific and Atlantic history

Associate Professor Geoffrey Hawker


Australian Politics
African Politics

Dr Mark Hearn


Australian history, particularly late nineteenth and early twentieth century Australia; biography; Australian labour and political history; history of postmodernity, postmodernism

Dr Alison Holland


Any aspect of Australian Indigenous History and/or Australian History including, in particular Women's and/or Feminist History, Citizenship, Humanitarianism and Human Rights.

Dr Rebecca Jennings


Modern Australian and British history, especially history of sexuality.

Dr Ashley Lavelle


Professor Stephanie Lawson


Politics and International Relations

Dr Lavina Lee


Politics and International Relations:
Norms and Identity and national security
Constructivist approaches to international relations
Hegemony and international relations
US Foreign Policy
Indian Foreign and Security Policy
Nuclear Non-proliferation
International Law and International Relations

Professor Marion Maddox


Religion and politics. Religion and schools. Religion - state relations.

Associate Professor Clare Monagle


History of Medieval Thought, History of Scholasticism, Medieval Gender Studies, Medievalism Studies

Associate Professor Morris Morley


American Foreign Policy toward the Third World; The Cold War; Revolutions

Associate Professor Aleksandar Pavkovic


Political theory
Balkan Politics

Dr Keith Rathbone

Modern European History, Vichy France, Nazi Germany, political mass movements, sport, gender identity, body culture

A/Prof Robert Reynolds


Australian History - 1945 to the present with a particular emphasis on the history of sexuality; emotions; psychoanalysis

A/Prof Michael Roberts

x8879 messages only

Modern British History, especially political, social and cultural history of Victorian period

Dr Shirleene Robinson

61 2 9850 7087

History of Childhood
History of Sexuality (including homophobia)
Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Contact History
History of HIV/AIDS

Dr Jonathan Symons


International relations

Dr Ian Tregenza


Political theory; history of political and religious thought (especially 19th and early 20th century British and Australian).

Dr Steve Wood


Political Science / International Relations
Dept of Philosophy

Dr Albert Atkin


The Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Pragmatism (especially C.S. Peirce).

Dr Rachael Brown

9850 6803

Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Professor Jean-Philippe Deranty


social and political philosophy continental philosophy

Dr Jennifer Duke-Yonge


Epistemology, especially epistemic normativity. Philosophy of logic and language, especially metaphilosophical issues about the relationship between natural language and logic.

Associate Professor Paul Formosa



Dr Jan Heersmink

Philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of technology and neuroethics

Professor Jeanette Kennett


Philosophy/Moral Psychology

Dr Colin Klein



Professor Neil Levy



Dr Mianna Lotz


Ethical theory, applied ethics, bioethics.

Professor Catriona Mackenzie


Ethics, moral psychology, applied ethics, bioethics, feminist philosophy

Professor Richard Menary


Philosophy of Cognition
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Integration
Enculturated Cognition
Distributed Cognition
Embodied Cognition
Extended Mind
Self and Narrative
Expertise and Skills
Cognitive Neuroscience: especially of reading and writing
I am a member of the centre for cognition and its disorders and can supervise cognitive science students as well.

Emeritus Prof Peter Menzies


Supervision in the areas of metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, cognitive science, philosophy of language, philosophical logic.

Dr Michael Olson

history of modern and early modern European philosophy

Professor Wendy Rogers

9850 8858

Clinical and medical ethics
Public Health ethics
Research Ethics
Feminist Ethics
Organ donation

Associate Professor Robert Sinnerbrink


Contemporary European philosophy, philosophy of film, aesthetics, critical theory, social philosophy, Hegel, Heidegger, Nietzsche

Professor Nicholas Smith


Modern European Philosophy; Critical Social Theory; the Philosophy and Politics of Recognition; Philosophy of Work; Social Hope; Religion and Modernity.
Dept of Sociology

Dr Maria Amigo


Sociology and Anthropology of Children and childhood, schooling and migration, Child labour.

Dr Niko Antalffy

9850 8980

Alternative relationship cultures
Emerging technologies
Critical Theory of technology
Sociology of the environment

Dr Kristine Aquino

9850 9940


Dr Harald Blatterer


conceptual analysis of 'adulthood'
critique of the 'youth transitions' paradigm
empirical applications of theories of social recognition
conceptual analysis of 'friendship'
cross-sex friendship in heterosexual contexts
gender in private life

Dr Norbert Ebert


Sociology/economic sociology/social theory

Dr Tobia Fattore


Sociology of Childhood
Labour standards in human services
Social Research Methods

Dr Markus Hadler


Markus Hadler's research focuses on questions of political sociology, social inequality, and environmental sociology. He uses an international comparative approach to determine the influence of global, national, and local forces on individual attitudes and behaviours.

Dr Kumiko Kawashima


Sociology and Anthropology

gender, race & ethnicity, class, migration, identities, labour & consumption, globalisation, transnationalism, youth, contemporary Japan

Emeritus Prof John Lechte


French theory/philosophy and the work of Julia Kristeva. The Image, technology and society. Social Theory and related empirical studies.

Dr Alison Leitch



Dr Justine Lloyd


sociology of culture and media; media practices; socio-spatial approaches; urban studies

Dr Peter Rogers


Sociology, Social Policy and Cultural Studies.
In particular (1) surveillance studies; terrorism / security / resilience; emergency management (2) cities / urbanism; gentrification and the uses of public space (3) youth culture, subcultures, social networking (4) criminology; anti-social behaviour; the boundaries of law (5) social and spatial theory; time and distance; rhythmanalysis & Henri Lefebvre; spaces of control & Michel Foucault

Associate Professor Benjamin Spies-Butcher


Economic sociology, political sociology, political economy, economics of social policy in Australia

Dr Adam Stebbing

02 9850 4098

Sociology of Social Inequality and Social Policy

Associate Professor Ellie Vasta



Dr Selvaraj Velayutham


Migration, diaspora, transnationalism, globalisation, nationalism, race and ethnicity, Sociology of everyday life, Singapore and Tamil social studies.

Associate Professor Shaun Wilson


Social policy, sociology of work, political sociology, social survey research, social research methods and design

Dr Amanda Wise

02 98598835

Discipline: Sociology and Cultural Studies
Migration, multiculturalism, racism, transnational communities, ethnicity and identities, sociology of culture, sociology of everyday life.
Macquarie Law School

Ms Carolyn Adams

02 9850 7086

government compliance with international obligations; regulation of government-held information under privacy, freedom of information, archives or secrecy laws; government decision-making processes; government law reform processes; human rights law

Professor Shawkat Alam


International environmental law, public international law, international trade and environment, sustainable development and developing countries, and international human rights law

Dr Roy Baker


Law, media law, journalism and the law, international law, law of armed conflict, war law, European law, EU law, human rights law

Ms Lise Barry


Law with a particular interest in legal ethics, ADR, juvenile justice, elder law, capacity and substitute decision making

Dr Carlos Bernal-Pulido


Jurisprudence, Constitutional Theory, Theory of Rights, Comparative Constitutional Law, Judicial Review, Torts, Ethics, Theory of Legal Norms, Theory of Action.

Dr Kirsten Davies

9850 8334

Dr Davies holds a Master¿s Degree (USyd) and PhD (USyd) in Sustainable Management. She was awarded: Winston Churchill Fellowship (2002) ,the University of Sydney Agri-Management Scholarship for post graduate research (2005)and Australian Government, Australia Award - Research Fellowship to undertake sustainability research in Vanuatu (2009). Kirsten is widely published and has authored and presented papers at many conferences . She is the architect of Intergenerational Democracy, a method of whole-of-community engagement and capacity building. Her research focuses on community engagement, sustainable development and human- environmental relationships.

Ms Francesca Dominello

9850 7094

Indigenous legal studies, cultural studies and law, legal history, and social justice issues in the areas of constitutional law and family law.

Dr Daniel Ghezelbash


Domestic, international, regional and comparative refugee law; domestic and comparative immigration and citizenship law; administrative law; comparative law; legal transfers/transplants; international human rights law

Dr Kate Gleeson


Politics, Policy, Governance and Law

Dr Joel Harrison


Law and religion, human rights, comparative human rights, constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, post-secular theory.

Professor Muhammad Islam


International Law, International Trade Law, World Trade Organization Law, International Economic Law, International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, International Organisations

Dr Margaret Kelly



Associate Professor Therese MacDermott



Professor Denise Meyerson


Human rights, public law, legal theory, comparative constitutionalism, law and religion

Professor Vijaya Nagarajan


Corporate Regulation
Consumer and Competition Law
Development and Gender Law

Professor Brian Opeskin


My current research examines important issues of governance and legal policy relating to international migration, public health, and court systems. I have a particular interest in interdisciplinary research that examines the intersections between principles of public law and fundamental demographic processes, and I also have an interest in Pacific law and legal systems.

Associate Professor Archana Parashar


Legal theory with an emphasis on social justice issues, poststructural and postcolonial theory; family law, anti discrimination issues, gender justice; legal education for social inclusion and ethics.

Professor Peter Radan


contract law, equity, secession, separation of church and state

A/Prof Niloufer Selvadurai


Technology Law
E-commerce Law Telecommunications Law Intellectual Property Law
Internet Law
Competition Law

Associate Professor Iain Stewart


Theory of law, comparative law, constitutional law, administrative law. Foreign languages: French, German.

Mr George Tomossy


Health Law and Bioethics; Research Ethics and Regulation; Globalisation and Public Health; Elder Law; Tort Law; Legal Governance; Capacity Building in Developing Countries; Health, Human Rights and the Environment.

Associate Professor Malcolm Voyce


property law, taxation law, family law, social welfare law, estate planning, law and religion, buddhism and law ( Vinaya), islamic law, urban sociology and 'shopping malls' Foucault studies

Professor Alexander Zahar

Environmental law
Climate change law
International criminal law
International human rights
Security Studies and Criminology

Dr Dalbir Ahlawat


- Terrorism in South Asia.
- Geo-strategic & security perspectives in South Asia.
- Security perspectives in Asia Pacific.
- China, India & US strategic and security perspectives.
- Australia's strategic relations with China, India & the US.

Dr Mamoun Alazab


Cyber Security
Digital Forensics
'Big data' analysis of malware, botnet and spam
Investigations of underground online hacking discussion forums
IT Security and data intelligence.

Dr Layla Branicki


Inter-disciplinary research about individual and organizational resilience, and the factors that enable people and businesses to cope with high risk work and extreme events. Awarded research funding in excess of $1,000,000, and publish in A and B ranked journals. PhD and post-doc at Warwick Business School, MA in legal and political theory at University College London, First Class BSc(Hons) in criminology and criminal justice studies at University of Portsmouth. Lecturer at Birmingham Business School where I led its impact strategy and was Departmental Director of Research. Fellow of the U.K. Higher Education Academy and hold a postgraduate certificate in academic practice.

Dr Michael Cohen

9850 8820

International Relations; International Security; Asia Pacific Security; Nuclear Proliferation; Interstate Conflict; Leaders; Foreign Policy Decision-Making; Qualitative Research Methods

Dr Julian Droogan

9850 1425

Security Studies; Ideology and Radicalization; Religious Studies; South Asian Studies; Material Culture Studies

Professor Sohail Inayatullah


Political Science
Futures Studies
Policing futures

Dr Angela Irwin


Anti-money laundering/counter terrorism financing
Funding violent jihad
Virtual currencies/alternative remittance systems
Virtual Environments
Cyber Security

Professor Natalie Klein


All areas of general public international law, and with particular interests in the law of the sea, international dispute settlement

Dr Charles Knight


Decision Making, Planning and Social Dynamics for and in Conflict

Political Violence and the Conduct and Countering of Armed Rebellion

Dr Yves-Heng Lim


Security and Strategic Studies
Asia-Pacific Security
China's security strategy

Dr Adam Lockyer


Australian defence strategy, US defence and foreign policy, post-conflict reconstruction, stability operations, civil wars and insurgency

Dr James Martin



Professor Benjamin Schreer


Strategic and Security Studies

Associate Professor Andrew Tan


Terrorism, Insurgency, Defence, Asia-Pacific Security and International Relations

Dr Allan Watt


Digital Forensics
Computer Forensics
Cyber Terrorism
Cyber Security