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Higher Degree Research Office

Dr Hye Eun Chu
First name:Hye Eun
Faculty:Faculty of Human Sciences
Department:Department of Educational Studies
Telephone number:+61-2-9850-8002
Address:8 ferntree place, Epping
Email (secondary)
Discipline/Expertise:Science Education/Formative Assessment, Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development and Evaluation (STEAM, STEM and Language & Science Edu, ESD and Science Edu), Conceptual Development and Affective factors (Epistemological beliefs and Attitudes), Evaluations of Inquiry based Teaching Approaches, Classroom Interactions and Student Engagement
Keywords:Science Education, Scientific Inquiry, Environmental Education, Formative Assessment, STEM, STEAM, Conceptual Development, Classroom Interaction, Epistemological Beliefs, Attitudes towards Science Learning