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Higher Degree Research Office

Dr Sonia Allan
First name:Sonia
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department:Department of Health Systems & Population
Telephone number:+61-2-9850-4225
Discipline/Expertise:Health and Biotechnology Law
Public Health Law
International/Global Health Law
Health regulation
Bioethics and the law
Regulation of new technologies (health/science)
Health and Human Rights
Ethical, legal and social issues regarding research involving humans/human embryos/cloning/genetics
Assisted reproductive technologies
Donor conception
Keywords:Human rights, ethical and/or legal issues concerning health and biotechnology; beginning/during/end of life; human research; public health law; international/global health law; medical related torts; regulation of science, health and biotechnology (eg. method, compliance, governance); regulation of health care practitioners; mental health law; genetics; synthetic biology.