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Higher Degree Research Office

Professor Roger Steven Chung
First name:Roger
Middle name:Steven
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department:Department of Biomedical Sciences
Telephone number:+61-2-98502724
Mobile number:0402 808 958
Discipline/Expertise:My research program focuses upon three thematic approaches to understanding motor neurone disease (MND) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD); i) biochemical and proteomic evaluation of MND/FTD protein aggregates and their impact upon neuronal and glial function, ii) using transgenic zebrafish models to investigate neuron-glia interactions and their response to aggregated MND/FTD proteins, and iii) developing nanoparticle-based technologies for detection of neurodegeneration, and the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents to neurons and glia in the spinal cord and brain.
Keywords:neuroscience, neurodegenerative diseases, motor neurone disease, alzheimer's disease, neurochemistry,