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Higher Degree Research Office

Professor Jacqueline Kathleen Phillips
First name:Jacqueline
Middle name:Kathleen
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department:Department of Biomedical Sciences
Telephone number:0298502753
Mobile number:
Address:Australian School of Advanced Medicine
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109
Discipline/Expertise:Our research examines altered control of blood pressure and heart rate in disease conditons. Much of our work focusses on chronic kidney disease. We study the activity of sympathetic nerves, changes in heart rate and blood pressure and how the brain controls these functions. We are also interested in hormonal systems that control blood pressure.
Other studies with our collaborators including studying chronic pain and how innervation patterns on sympathetic and sensory nerves in the skin may be altered
Keywords:polycystic kidney disease, autonomic, sympathetic, cardiac, hypertension, vascular, renal, parasympathetic, chronic pain, pheochromocytoma, nerve, immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR, blood pressure