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Higher Degree Research Office

Associate Professor Simon McMullan
Title:Associate Professor
First name:Simon
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department:Department of Biomedical Sciences
Telephone number:02-98123552
Mobile number:0402073146
Address:Australian School of Advanced Medicine
F10A, 2 Technology Place
Macquarie University
Discipline/Expertise:I am interested in unraveling the way in which networks of neurons in the brainstem are interconnected, in order to understand how the brain controls the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. These two crucial systems are controlled by populations of neurons that occupy overlapping regions of the brainstem. It is important to understand their function, because dysfunction in the brain is thought to underlie the development of many forms of high blood pressure; we believe that if we can control the behaviour of these neurons that we can prevent the development of cardiovascular disease.

I am interested in hearing from potential Honours or PhD students that would like to work in this exciting research area.
Keywords:Neuroscience, cardiovascular, medicine, physiology