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Higher Degree Research Office

Professor Genevieve Mary McArthur
First name:Genevieve
Middle name:Mary
Faculty:Faculty of Human Sciences
Department:Dept of Cognitive Science
Telephone number:+61-2-9850-9162
Email (secondary)
Discipline/Expertise:My research focuses on the causes, consequences, and comorbidity of reading impairment. In terms of causes, I am interested in the role that distal (e.g., auditory processing, working memory) and proximal (visual word recognition, vocabulary) cognitive skills have on learning to read. In terms of consequences, I am interested in how poor reading interacts with people's emotional health. In terms of comorbidity, I am interesting in how reading impairment and spoken language impairment overlap in terms of causes and consequences. I investigate these questions using behavioural techniques (e.g., psychophysics, eye-tracking, pen-and-paper tests) and neurophysiological techniques (e.g., event-related potentials, fixation-related potentials).
Keywords:dyslexia, specific language impairment, training, reading, auditory processing