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Higher Degree Research Office

Welcome to the Macquarie University Supervisor Register (MQSR)

Welcome to the Macquarie University Supervisor Register (MQSR). MQSR is a listing of Macquarie academic staff who have completed designated research supervisor training requirements.

MQSR has a series of Faculty pages which link to departments and then to an alphabetical listing where there are contact details for research supervisors and a statement of their research supervisory expertise. MQSR is intended to be used as a listing of formally trained research supervisors. It is not an absolute listing of research supervisors who are available for new research students. Potential research candidates are urged to contact individual research supervisors to ascertain their availability to take on new students, or to contact the Faculty Associate Dean Higher Degree Research.

Important background information relating to MQSR is contained in the Framework for Higher Degree Research Supervision at Macquarie which reflects the quality enhancement policy adopted by the University. The Office of the Dean of HDR coordinates the Supervision Enhancement Program as part of Support and Development .

Please refer to MQSR usage instructions for further information. If you have any questions about the Macquarie Supervisor Register, please contact the Higher Degree Research Office or email Felicia Wong.

Deputy Vice- Chancellor (Provost) - Office
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) - Office
Faculty of Arts
Arts Administration
Depart of International Studies: Languages and Cultures
Dept of Ancient History
Dept of Anthropology
Dept of English
Dept of Geography and Planning
Dept of Media, Music & Cultural Studies
Dept of Modern History, Politics and International Relations
Dept of Philosophy
Dept of Sociology
Macquarie Law School
Security Studies and Criminology
Faculty of Business & Economics
Business and Economics Administration
Dept of Accounting & Corporate Governance
Dept of Applied Finance & Actuarial Studies
Dept of Economics
Dept of Marketing and Management
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Faculty of Human Sciences
Department of Educational Studies
Department of Psychology
Dept of Cognitive Science
Dept of Linguistics
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Australian Institute of Health Innovation
Clinical Medicine Department Administration
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Department of Clinical Medicine
Department of Health Professions
Department of Health Systems & Population
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Dept of Biological Sciences
Dept of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences
Dept of Chiropractic
Dept of Computing
Dept of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Dept of Engineering
Dept of Environment & Geography
Dept of Environmental Sciences
Dept of Mathematics
Dept of Physics and Astronomy
Dept of Statistics
Environmental Sciences
Science Administration
Vice-Chancellor's Office
Department of Clinical Medicine