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Higher Degree Research Office

Welcome to the Macquarie University Supervisor Register (MQSR)

Note to potential candidates:

Welcome to the Macquarie University Supervisor Register (MQSR). MQSR is a historic listing of Macquarie academic staff who have completed designated research supervisor training requirements for appointment to Principal Supervisor. You can use the search tool on the left to search for a potential Principal Supervisor.

There are other more current ways for you to find an HDR Supervisor:

Use the search tool in the Macquarie University Research Portal. It can also be searched for potential supervisors:

  • Look for an HDR Supervisor by doing a Google Scholar search to see who at MQ is publishing research in an area of interest to you.
  • Contact the HDR Office within the Faculty that draws your interest.
  • Contact the Faculty Associate Dean Higher Degree Research.
  • MRES candidates should talk to the Faculty Director of MRES as potential MRES supervisors may not be listed in the MQSR.

Note to potential HDR Supervisors:

All new HDR Supervisors must complete HDR Supervision Orientation. If you have any questions about orientation please contact A/P Bill Ashraf at

Record keeping of HDR Supervision Training

Individual academics can check their HDR Supervision training records by visiting their HR Online account.

Current HDR Supervisors:

The MQSR will no longer be used to register Principal HDR Supervisors after 8th December 2017. A new workflow process for the appointment of HDR Supervisors will be introduced from 1st January 2018.

Your status as an HDR supervisor will be established when you meet relevant criteria during the appointment process for each individual HDR candidate.

The HDR Supervision Policy and the Supervisor Database are in transition:

The HDR Supervision Policy and the searcheable Supervisor Database are currently being revised. If you have any questions about the new Supervision Policy please contact A/P Bill Ashraf at If you have any questions about the new Supervisor Database please contact Dr Louise Dwyer at

Limitations of the MQSR data-base

The MQSR data-base has important limitations. For example, you may find that your name appears in the data-base with an old School or Faculty name. We know that these problems exist, and our plan is to phase the MQSR out in 2018. The MQSR is an old data-base, and it's functionality is limited. We ask you to be patient while we go through the transition. During this time, we can respond to individual requests for data to be updated, but we do not aim to overhaul all the data. If you have a pressing request for your data to be updated, please contact

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